About us

Tyrol Equity is one of Austria’s leading private equity holding companies. It was initiated by Dr. Christoph Swarovski.

We invest in small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises with a turnover between EUR 30 and EUR 150 million. Our main focus in on healthy and promising companies that are active in attractive markets. Tyrol Equity offers long-term capital in order to support succession strategies, expansion funding as well as corporate de-mergers with the possibility of management participation (MBO/MBI).

Tyrol Equity is established as a joint-stock company under Austrian law. As such we are not bound to a predefined holding period, reselling does not constitute our primary aim. In fact, sustainable development, long-term orientation and entrepreneurial partnership are considered as our top priorities.


Our philosophy is based on the strong belief to optimise the holding’s profits by managing actively and collaboratively. Increase in value is therefore achieved by a close support of operative measures and strategic decision-making.

To successfully implement our value creation approach Tyrol Equity aims at majority stakes.

The interplay of strong regional roots, an international network and an experienced management team make all the difference.


The focus on long-term investments and a holistic entrepreneurial approach differentiate Tyrol Equity from private equity funds in the traditional meaning.

Our essential unique selling propositions are:

  • Focus on conservative investments
  • Active and collaborative investment management policy
  • Sustainable value creation and performance improvement
  • No predefined exit strategies

  • Excellent network of experts and top managers throughout several industries
  • Experience in management and business transactions including a successful track record in CEO positions
  • Fast decision-making processes
  • Immediate financing capabilities